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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Website Friends Favorite Inventions Information Marcus Garvey George HermanLouis ArmstrongHenry FordCarrie CattDuke Ellington facebook A people without knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. Born: Saint Ann's bay,JamaicaMarcus GarveyAugust 17, 1887 I got to see my friend Louis Armstrong perform tonight. He's the bees knees. His performance inspired me to write a speech for upcoming UNIA meeting. Don't take any wooden nickels. Trust me The model T is a great deal, so if you can afford it get. Don't get in a lather. If you're tired of work just go to the new Buster Keaton movie.I know my onions Thanks to the assembly line I can afford a carand travel faster. Go to Ford. The assembly line has really helped. Made cars cheaper and faster travel. Thanks Henry. All new flapper dress,only $10 Driving gloves in store.Only $3. I'm one of the few men that are happy about women getting voting rights. This will make the country more fair in terms of the president. More fair laws and a happier countrhy. Prohibition is really take this country in another direction.It's having less people drunk on the streets, and more people in their right. Now i'm assuming our unemployment rate will go down. RadioRefridgerator Women have really changed. From ankle low dresses toknees, short hair and voting.This will definitely make a difference in how we as men see women. And their roles at home and in the worldwill be bigger for sure. No more dumb Dora's. Thanks Marcus. I really hope the assembly makes car faster and cheaper than before.
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