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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fanny marriesEdmund Characters Resolution Climax The story takes place in Mansfield Park, when Fanny arrives she feels out of place she sees the big house. Farther in the book Henry proposes to Fanny and that'swhen Fanny talks to each character in the book about her decision. Will she marry him or not? No. Fanny refuses his proposal and then talks to Sir Thomasabout it. Mary &Henry Crawford Fanny Price Mr. Rushworth Fanny is proposed to Why doesn't Fanny want to marry Henry? Edmund,Thomas,Sir ThomasBertram, Lady Bertram Bertrams's 10 year old cousin. She moves in with them at the beginning of the story andfalls in love multiple times. Brother & Sister who are fromLondon to stay with their family.Henry is in a complicated love triangle. Falling Action After Fanny refuses Henry's proposal he runs off with Maria and they break uplater on. Julia elopes with Mr. Yates whileEdmund and Fanny fall in love with eachother. Mansfield Park Plot in Development Fanny's cousins. They take Fanny in until she is 18 at the end of thenovel. Edmund was perviously oneof her secret lovers Sir Tomas Bertram doesn't understand why Fanny doesn't want to marry Henry. So he tries to persuade her. WIthoutmuch change with Fanny's feelings he tries to get othercharacters involved. He really wants Fanny to marry Henry. Some charactersmove on and getmarried someare lonley Owns Mansfield Park. -Big mansion He was engaged to Maria at the beginningof the story and then when Maria runsaway with Henry Mr. Rushworth wants a divorce realizing that his finace does notlove him. Edmund and Thomas fall in love Major Theme The major theme of Mansfield Park is love inthe book Jane Austen creates a lot of love triangles and some end up alone whilst othersfind love in the book. Some characters get set upand others fall in love on their own. Favorite Part of the Book my favorite quote from the book is A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of" (Austen, Chapter 22). I like this quote because it relates to the theme of the story.Mary is saying that you don't need money to be happy you just need happiness and love.
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