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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tragedy of the Greenhouse Gases Types of Alternative fuel Widely available in the U.S.. Mpg's drop (20-30%) when used with gas (e85) Ethanol Can be used in most gas engines. More nitrogen oxide emissions. Biodiesel Natural Gas Propane Domestically made.Reduced air pollutants and very clean.Limited availability,bad Mpg's and the technology isn't there yet. Propane is liquefied petroleum gas. 90% domestically produced.Less expensive than gas, lower pollutants.Limited availability. Hydrogen Produced domestically.No air pollutants at all.Very expensive.Not enough fuel storage to compete with Mpg's of regular cars. Key Hybrid cars use both a conventional gas tank and an electric or other alternative fuel source double click to change this header text! This common of Carbon Dioxide is being overwhelmed and overflowing the atmosphere. The cause of this is the use are industrialization, factories, cars, and power plants(the use of fossil fuels) which pump Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere faster than it can be absorbed. To overcome this tragedy of greenhouse gases to reach sustainability, an idea would be to be green. By green meaning to not use fossil fuels and use solar power or instead of using cars that run on gas, use grease cars which use vegetable oil to rely on instead of gas. if people use energy powered cars or they carpool then there would be less cars on the road. which will allow the atmosphere to fix itself, this way we can keep the greenhouse effect without the world getting to cold or to hot. If there was less factories and less hair spray then we will be able to keen the greenhouse effect intact with the earth. The tragedy would relate to population growth because there will be more factories and big trucks that will cause global warming.The atmosphere we have is just like a greenhouse, it traps heat inside so the world doesn't freeze over. As the population grows there will be more factories and or cars thatwill destroy the atmosphere, and kill out greenhouse effect.
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