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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Problem The Solution Ways as a country that we can stop this issue..~cut down on straw usage~don't buy as much plastic packaged items at grocery stores.~use reusable containers~ use reusable water bottles and most importantly... RECYCLE. The amount of plastic consumption not being recycled is hurting animals nation wide. Over 100 million animals die each yearin the sea because of plastic items. Other ways to cut down on plastic. My family is going to use only reusableplastic water bottles in our lunches. Thiswill make a differencebecause normally we use15 waterbottles weekly. Steps 1. Inform my family about theenviormental problem Irecently discovered. Plastics impact on animals 2. Show and explain to my family what weare goingto do to fix this issue. 3. During the week onlyuse reusablewater bottles in our lunches. 4. And last but not least enjoy saving plastic and the enviorment. As you can see in the graph theamount of waste is almost all plastic items. Recycle Plastic So Barbie's Fanstastic As a country weare using way tomuch plastic per year.For example,estimated it takes 17 million barrels of oil to produce just the tinywater bottles we drink and buy. Fun Fact The USAS consumption of straws per day would be ableto wrap the circumfrence ofearth 2..5 times. Graph Sources 1... 3\5. Google images Graph When you look at this graph you can obviously tell that the united stateshas a hard timeremembering torecycle.
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