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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Manifest Destiny Manifest Destiny a term that became prevalent during the 19th century, when Americans believed that it was the destiny of the US to expand from coast to coast. John O'Sullivan is credited with labeling the idea manifest destiny. First group that went westward consisted of 54men 5 women & 10 kids. James K. Polk campained for OregonTerritory 5440 or Fight ! 54°40 or Fight ! As Americanswent westward Natives were removed from their lands. double click to change this header text! PEO Wiyot tribe tried to return to their lands, however found it was destroyed then they were murdered. Mormon religious groups contemplated moving to California. Westward expansion couldbe viewed as a genocideattempt on Native Americans As the country began to expand so did the Christian religion, as evangelicals tried to spread it through missionaries. Native Americans either had to assimilate to the white American culture or risk extermination. The settlers that moved to Texas had to convert to Roman Catholicism and adapt to the Mexican culture. American cultured changed when large numbers of Chinese people immigrated to mainly California, for the Gold Rush. CUL ENV WXT During this period the U.S.acquired Florida, Texas, Oregon, and territory from Mexico totaling about 1,263,301 square miles. US's population tripled from 8,419,000 in 1815 to 22,018,000 in 1848. Believers in Manifest Destiny felt that American Indians wasted the continent's natural bounty. As the west and south was further explored, settlers came to realize that the west had a completely different terrain that the east. Most of the settlers came from Virginia and the Carolinas, attracted by the rich soil and farming land. The attraction to the far west was more than the farm land,it was timber, silver, and gold. Due to the expansion, men would go out to the mountains and get fur and sell it at a place called rendezvous. Technology took off as fast as the idea of manifest destiny, steamboats, farming machines and railroads were invented. There was also a booming Gold Rush in California, that many people used a source of income. The U.S. government made numerous treaties and pacts with the American Indians to get the off the lands and move them on resevations. The U.S fought and paid their way through the other countries that was on the continent so the entire continent was theirs. Places such as jump-off towns existed primarily to serve travelers, they sold food, equipment, maps and more. Some Founding Fathers wanted the U.S. to include MEXICO CENTRAL AMERICA and some CARRIBBEAN ISLANDS
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