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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 February 21, 1965- Malcolm X is Shot to Death Malcolm X was a Civil rights leader, and his way of protest was to tell blacks to fight racism "By any means necessary" He was a member of the Nation of Islam,and followed its leader Elijah Muhammad's teachings. Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam Malcolm X is talking to Elijah Muhammad, whose teachingshe followed. . Going Separate Ways Malcolm X Left the Nation of Islam and started his own organization which focused more with the unity of people than the fight against whites. Malcolm now spoke about the unity of blacksand whites. February 21, 1965 Malcolm X Dies Malcolm X began to get death threats in 1965. His house was firebombed then one week later he was shot at least 14 times. He was giving a speech in New York City. Malcolm X is being carried out ofthe Audubon Ballroom in New Yorkafter being shot to death. After Malcolm X's death his wife and otherfamily members continued to teach others about Malcolm's ideas. Killers Three men were arrested and trialed for the murder of Malcolm X. All three were part of the Nation of Islam. Talmadge Hayer was the only one to confess that he killed Malcolm X. Motive to Assassinate The motive was never given but the main theory is the Nationof Islam wanted Malcolm dead because he threatened their existence. Malcolm's ideas heled the fight for equality in America. Nation of Islam: An Islamic religious movement thatbelieved in wantingto improve the conditions of African Americans in the U.S. The Legacy of a Leader Legacy:To be handed downby a predecessor.
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