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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Making "Thumbs Up" Restaurant Choices McDonalds KFC Subway Applebee's Chili's Grilled Chicken Wonton Taco Premium Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken Cole Slaw Chicken Enchilada Soup -Cup Chili Con Carne (10oz) Sides Entrees Premium McWrapChicken Chili(Grilled) Two Extra Crispy Tenders 6" Steak andCheese Sandwich 7oz. HouseSirloin Steak Chipotle BlackBean Burger Desserts Baked Hot Apple Pie Apple Turnover Chocolate ChipCookie Salted CaramelPretzel Bites-Mini N/A Link toNutritionInfo Tips for Choosing Low Fat Restaurant Entrees: 1: Salads are generally a low fat alternative2: Try a smaller portion size3: Ask for the entrée's nutrition facts4: Avoid foods high in fat such as meats and sweets5: Eat foods with a large portion of fruits and vegetables For more Information: Jonathan Osterlund
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