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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Recommended Intake: Infants and children 0-6 months DRI 30 mg 7-12 months DRI 75 mg 1-3 years DRI 80 mg Males All Ages: DRI 350 mg 14-18 years DRI 410 mg; 19-30 years: DRI 400 mg; Over 30 years: DRI 420 mg Females All Ages: DRI 350 mg 14-18 years DRI 360 mg; 19-30 years: DRI 310 mg; Over 30 years: DRI 320 mg Magnesium Function: activates or is involved in many basic processes and functions of the body-as cofactor for over 300 enzymes-oxidation of fatty acids-activation of amino acids-synthesis and breakdown of DNA-neurotransmission-immune function-interactions with other nutrients, including potassium, vitamin B6, and boron Fun Fact: Dark green vegetables are an important source of magnesium because it is the central atom in the structure of chlorophyll. Signs of Deficiency -dehydration-malnutrition-starvation-tremor-nausea/vomiting-irregular heartbeat-back pain-muscle weakness/aches/cramps/spasms -headaches-joint and bone pain-constipation-nervousness-delusions and hallucinations-leg and foot cramps-changes in blood pressure
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