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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Michelle C. Hilt 27,4% 73% Matthew Simon: Manager, Teacher Leadership Development, Teach for America 520.730.9510 When I start something, I finish it and am never afraid to ask for advice. I am diplomatic and have the confidence to motivate people.  Everything I do, I do with care, respect, and enthusiasm. No matter the adventure, I am ready to give it my all. 267.566.1851 WORK EXPERIENCE Referrals Teacher, motivator, counselor, and mentor.  These are all of the roles I have assumed while teaching Art at Earle High School. In my classroom I learn with my studentsas we together navigate issues dealing with art, society,literacy, and their personal lives. Teacher, Earle School District -- 2013-Present Teach for America, Arkansas -- 2013- Present PLC Leader, Recruitment and Matriculation CommitteeAs a member of Teach for America, I focus on improving as aprofessional and as a teacher. I lead discussions dealing withstudent work and data. I speak with incoming corps members asthey face the tough decision of matriculating to Arkansas. EDUCATION Photographer/Journalist Intern, PhillyFIT MagazinePhiladelphia, PA -- May 2012 - Sept 2012 FITNESS, It's exhilarating, unique, and fun!, the name of my article.As the intern, not only did I travel and take pictures of a variety ofgyms, fitness centers, etc., I also wrote about the places I had theopportunity to observe. I photographed the cover of the 2012Sept/Oct issue. Contact: Jami Appenzeller, Syracuse University Class of 2013 Bachelor of Fine ArtsConcentration in Photography Living in Florence for a semester I had the opportunity to learn aboutits diverse culture and lifestyle by interviewing prospective subjectsfor articles and photos, writing articles. I integrated the informationgathered when posing and setting up photos of subjects and theirinterests. Contact: Rosanna Cirigliano, VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE Senior Sponsor, Earle School District August 2013-PresentEducation does not end at the sound of the last bell.As Senior Sponsor, I lead teachers, students, andcommunity members in creating and fundraising forevents such as Homecoming, Prom, Senior Banquet,Graduation. Together we create events that help thestudents to have pride in themselvesand their school. Founder, Shooter's Olympics April 2011-PresentHelp Shoot Out Cancer is the motto for the benefitI created with my parents. After my grandfatherdied from colon cancer in 2010, we decided that itwas our job to raise money in his honor and donateit to the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia.Our last event raised more than $2,000 and hadover 50 people in attendance. Philanthropy Chair, Phi Sigma Sigma Jan. 2011-May 2011; May 2012-Dec. 2013As a part of a team I helped to create two differentevents, Battle of the Sexes and Inferno inorder to raise money for the National KidneyFoundation.  Organized events of over 300 people,headed a committee of 12, designed clothing,flyers, etc. The each event raised over$5,000 for the foundation. Melissa Manzi: Owner, The Last Temptation Ice Cream & Coffee Shop 215.337.1275 Photographer/Journalist Intern, Vista MagazineFlorence, Italy -- Oct. 2011 - Dec. 2011
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