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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] 3 2 1 Sculpture Homer 2 Sophocles 1 3 With a wrench, hold the nut on the back and turn the dial to read 32F Greco-Roman Art Styles The Iliad was attributed to Homer. It took place during the Trojan war. The Iliad is also referred to as the song of Ilium.It was a important artifact contributed to Homer.It was a poem. He wrote 123 plays during his life time.He is one of three ancient Greek tragedians who's plays have survived through the years.His most famous plays were Oedipus and Antigone were part of a different tetralogy.When ever he went to festivals his plays were never judged below second place. There were four kinds of sculptures. 1st is geometric it was the earliest sculpture formed of wooden cult statues.2nd is Archaic inspired by sculptures in Egypt. The Greeks made them more dynamic.3rd is classical it had a introduction of democracy. It had increases of technical skill and looked more human like.4th is Hellenistic domestic scenes became acceptable and became even more realistic. 1 Artifacts/details Realism emerged in France during the mid-nineteenth century. It captures common people in their everyday circumstances based on accurate information.Idealism stands for a general belief about the nature of reality.It designates a variety of historical positions. 2 Greek drama, two main people were Plato and Aristotle.Plato said that it is necessary for the understanding of the human situation and life.One of Plato's most important grounds for despising literature was based on the theory of forms. One thing that was very important to theater was the mask.It helped people in the back see what was going on.In tragedy plays the masks were more realistic than in comedies. 3 The Iliad of Homer was a poem set during the Trojan war.It is attributed to Homer.It is sometimes referred to as song of Ilium.It only has the last few weeks of the war in it.
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