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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Legislative Branch Judicial Branch your artboard Executive Branch - Making laws - Protects rights - Ohio's Constitutional Principles: Federalism: We don't just let the state government take all the power. Federalism is a system of government in whichthe power is separated between a central government and smaller political units such as state. Separation of Powers: The division of basic government roles into 3 branches. If wehad all the power in one place we would have a dictatorship and that wouldn't be good.Representative Government: People aren't just born into power, they have to be voted into power. Anyone that is 18 or older is able to votefor all the issues. We get to elect anyone that is running and its our decision. Ohio's Government Secretary Jon Husted Treasurer Josh Mandel Govenor John Kasich Lt. Govenor Mary Taylor Auditor Dave Yost Senator Jim Hughes Peel Paragraph: I think our state government balances our rights and keeping order well. An example of this would be the three branches of government, it divides power and keeps the government from becoming to powerful or a single branch becoming to powerful. This is good because if we didn't divide power, the government would become to powerful and not let us have our freedom or fair rights that we have today. Another example would be Ohio's government lets me go places without being searched. This is good because it lets me know that i'm safe and free in my community. Our government does a great job with balancing our rights with order. Makes the BIG decisions - Ohio's Constitution- Enforces Laws - Elected for 4 year term - Has the final say in things We are Ohio's Government Consist of House of Representatives and Senate Courts of AppealSupreme Court
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