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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A brief history of telecommunication One pro of the economy is lots of groceries stores were being put out there . Cars prices were being lowered so people would buy them . A on is when farmers made too much food and could not sell it and pay off there loans Some characteristic sof the Jazz age were new style,music,a ndactivities whites Anb African Americans could enjoy together Some of the new transportation are cars and airplanes. Planes were something to fly with and cars were used to go places faster The Harlem Renaissance was named after a place in New York City. The Harlem Renaissance rebloming of African Americans art and music. To people that were made famous by my it were Langston Hughes a famous poet and zora neale was called the queen of Renaissance because she wrote stories At the beginning of World War One many African Americans moved to the north to busy northern cities to work . Many African Americans moved tho a place in New York City called Harlem. Many African Americans were discriminate dagainst and huge numbers of them in Harlem created Harlem Renaissance. Helen Keller was bead and blind . Helen Keller went to college and wrote a book After World War One many Americans were nervous about how many immigrants were coming to America. They wanted a o keep all of possible enemies out of the country. President Calvin Coolidge past the immigration act of 1924 to limit the amount of immigrates coming to America FirstMobilePhone 1838
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