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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 vhemes = visual + themesstart by dragging a predesigned vheme onto the canvas DERBY 101 The Black and Blue of Roller Derby Its that time of year again. Time for pushing, shoving, and general kicking butt! Thats right, its time for our Mankato Area Derby Girls to hit the track. Before our MAD girls roll in for their first 2015 home Bout in April, we thought we would give you a refresher coarse on all things derby. double click to change this title text! Blockera skater whose job is to stop (or block) the other teams jammer from passing while also enabling her own teams jammer to score. Jammerthe skater on the track who can score points. The jammer is identified by the star on her helmet. The jammer starts each jam behind the pack. After she has lapped the pack once (known as a non-scoring pass), she is eligible to score points for each subsequent skater hips she laps.Lead jammerthe first jammer to emerge from the pack, without incurring a penalty, is designated by the referee as the lead jammer. She now has the advantage of being able to call off the jam if she wishes.Pivot(also known as position 1) the blocker who stays to the front of the pack and regulates pack speed. The pivot can be identified by the stripe on her helmet. The pivot has the ability to swap places with the jammer. Each team has one pivot. The Players The Game Boutone game or match. A bout lasts 60 minutes and is divided into two 30 minute periods.Jama two-minute period during which the action happens. The jam may last less than two minutes if the lead jammer call off the jam. There may be any number of jams in a bout.Calling off the jamthe lead jammer can end a jam at any time by tapping her hands against her hips. This strategy can help prevent the other teams jammer from scoring points if the lead jammer loses the advantage.
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