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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Chinese Myths and Gods Chinese Myths and Gods The Eight Immortals Zhongli Quan (chong-lee koo-an) Lu Dongbin Han Xiangzi(han hsi-ang-zee) Cao Guoji(cow kwo-jew) Zhang Guolao(chang kwo-low) Lan Caihe(lan tsigh-ho) He Xiangu(ho hsien-koo) Li Xuan(lee hsoo-an) Li Xuan was the first immortalout of the eight. He learned the religionDaoism and was taught the secret ofeternal life. It is said that he achieved immortality by walking on a floating leaf.Only immortals can walk on leaves becauseof the fact that they have little worries, which allows them to be light and have the ability to fly. Zhongli Quan was the second to become immortal.He was a old hermit that livedin the mountains with the powerto turn copper into silver. All ofhis profits from his ability wentto the poor. Eventually, he metLi Xuan and was taught thereligion Daoism. He became immortal and became messenger of the gods. Lu Dongbin was the third immortal. His story says thathe became immortal byfalling asleep at an inn anddreaming that he was promoted to a special job atcourt. He was successful for fifty years until his luck ran out and wassent into exile. Upon wakening from his dream, he realized that great successcould end badly. Lu went on to study Daoism and eventually learning how tobecome immortal. Han Xiangzi was a student of his great uncle, Han Yu. Han Yu was teaching his great nephewthe way of Daoist faith. Han was a very eager student and knew very much about Daoism, even more thanhis teacher. Eventually, Han was ableto predict the future. He told his greatuncle, who had fought with the emperor, that he would soon be forgivenand return to favor. Han went on to another master, but he already knew allhe could about Daoism, so his new master,Lu Dongbin told Han to climb to where the peaches of immortality grew. Han had almost made it to the top, but he lost hisfooting and fell. Luckly, he climbed farenough up the mountain that he became immortal just before he hit the ground. Coa Goujiu is the fifth immortal.He was the brother of an empressduring the Song Dynastyand held a high ranking job as a courtier. Sadly, he was accused of being involved in a murder conspiracyand was thrown into prison. Once he got out, Cao realized the unstableness of human power. He went to live in themountains as a hermit. One day, he went to cross a river but found he had nomoney to give to the boatman. Cao showed the boatman the gold tablet he kept as amemory of his former life, but the boatmanrefused to take him aboard. Cao threw the tablet into the river with rage, officially giving up his old privileged life. The boatman was actually Lu Dongbin, and Lu was so impressed that he taught Cao Daoismand later on, he joined his place amongst theimmortals. Zhang Goulao was the sixth immortal. He was an old hermit that had magical powers. Many people wantedhim to work in the court, but he always refused. Whenhe was traveling to the capital,he dropped dead at the gates, but somehow came back to life.Zhang could do many miraculousthings, so naturally, when he diedhe became one of the immortals.Some say he had a magical, foldabledonkey that he traveled on. Along with two other immortals, Lu Dongbinand Li Xuan, he would get into troubleby playing tricks or getting drunk. Lan Caihe is the seventh of the immortals,and the most mysterious. No one is certain whether he's a man or a woman, but peoplemostly refer to him as a man. Lan is told to be an amazing healer, and knows how to usemany types of herbs. His immortal story starts when he came across a old beggar. Thebeggar appeared very hurt with sores and wounds. Lan refused to give up healing the oldman and made sure to dress, wash and sooththe boils. the beggar turned out to be theimmortal Cao Guojiu. Cao was so impressed Lan's skills and determination, that he tookhim to the Eastern Paradise to become one of the immortals. He Xiangu is the eighth immortal. She is also the only female immortal. That is, if Lan Caiheis a female instead of male.Xiangu grew up near amountain range called Motherof Pearl Mountains. She dreamtone night that a spirit told her toeat some mother of pearl from the mountain ground up. into powder. She did and became an immortal in the Easter Paradise. The Influence of Chinese Mythology on the Modern World The Influence of Chinese Mythology on the Modern World Art: Featuring people from mythology such as the Five Emporers, the Eight Immortals, or other legendary figures. Movies- The Forbidden Kingdom (starring Jackie Chan and Jet Li) and Crouching Tiger, HiddenDragon (starring Yun-Fat Chow, Michelle Yeoh, and Ziyi Zhang Books- Eight Skilled Gentlemen and The Story of the Stone ( both by Barry Hughart) Video Games- Dynasty Warriors The Role of Mythology in Their Culture The Role of Mythology in Their Culture Chinese Mythology helped explain things in the world, like fire, water, or the Earth.Also, myths were used as entertainment for children or to teach someone how something worked. Mythology is a major subject in China. It dates back nearly four thousand years, and often changed whenever a new emperor ruled. Many different gods have been removedand many have been added, making their mythology hard to understand. Universal Themes Universal Themes Happiness Frustration Change Perseverence Respect of Elders Belief
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