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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Life Cycle of a Star!!! By Maddy Kollek!! Starting here, I will explain the life cycle of a star!!Just follow the arrows as you feast your eyes on...The Life Cycle of a Star!! The first level in a stars bright life is of course being born!! This is called the Nebula. A staris born out of a cloud of gasand dust!! Pretty groovy huh? Gas and dust cloud! Space!! :D Now, The Red Giant!! Not the type you hear in fairytales.This happens when a star has consumed it's stock of hydrogen in it's core. Fusion stops and the star no longer generates an outward pressure to counteract the inward pressure pulling it together. It becomes really big to :) Next, a star enters it's longestStage. It is now called, TheMain Sequence Star. 90% of the stars in our galaxy and even universe are main sequence stars. They are fusing hydrogen atoms to form helium atoms in their cores. The White Dwarf Star is next! They are the burned out coresof collapsed stars. They slowly cool and then fade away. Now it's time for the SUPERNOVA!! When this happens the star gets hotter and bigger! The iron inside sucks up the stars energy. Then, the star lets the energy go. The star then blows up. It can light up the sky for WEEKS! Now, A Neutron Star! If the star dies in a catastrophic supernova explosion the remaining core becomes a neutron star. This is an exotic star that is made of all neutrons. This is because of intense gravity of the star crushes protons and electrons to form neutrons. It really collapses under gravity. Then if big enough, will become a black hole. Now it's time for the mysterious Black Hole! If the star was more then eight times bigger then our sun the leftovers becomeblack holes. This is the endof a very large star. Light can't even escape this. It sucks things into it and we have no idea where these things go. Credits: Google safe search kids!:D
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