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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Madame De Geoffrin Who Is She? Her full name was Marie Thérèse Rodet Geoffrin. Born in 1699; she was a French Hostess who held her salons in Hôtel de Ramouille in Paris. She married a rich manufacturer namedCompagnie de Saint-Gobain. Geoffrin gave birth to two children, a son who died at the age of ten, and a daughter, Mme de la Ferté-Imbault. She later wrote of her parents' marriage , her competition with Geoffrin, and the ultimate blessing of growing up among "great minds." Significance She has been referred to as one of the leading female figures in the French enlightenment. Her salon provided many Philosphes and Encyclopédistes guidance and support. Geoffrin was dedicated and a patronage of the philosophical Men of Letters and talented artists. Denis Diderot, the art critic and editor of the Encyclopedia, the editor Friedrich Melchior von Grimm, Helvétius and Montesquieu and mathematician, Jean DAlembert, were examples of people who frequently attended Her rival was Madame du Deffand. People Though Geoffrin shunned disagreement between people, she respected the process of civilized conversation and she kept their egos in check, maintaining a strict focus. Her motto, donner et pardonner, "to give and to pardon," describes the role she played within the Republic of Letters. Artists and sculptors including Carle Van Loo, François Boucher, and Étienne Maurice Falconet went to Geofrinn's gathering. Her passion was education, and her goal was to promote Enlightenment thought. Therefore she assisted in the Encyclopédie's rescue. Artistic images of her gatherings, for example, A. C. G. Lemonnier's An Evening at the Home of Mme Geoffrin in 1755, reveal a sophisticated Parisian woman who inspired intellectual risks and helped to govern the civilizing discourse of the French Enlightenment. Views On Human Nature
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