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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Your Macro-Nutrient Food Map VEGETABLES PROTEIN CARBS FAT ML NUTRITION STEP 1: Fill in all four boxes with all the relevant ingredients that you love, that you can think of. STEP 2: With the correct portion sizes (indicated by the percentages inside each box), design your meals for each day of the week with theaccompanying Weekly Meal Planner. How to use this food map TIP 1: Not sure what ingredients to fill in the boxes with? Go to http://www.choosemyplate.govto find out which ones fall under those categories. The more ingredients you're familiar with, the more amazing and varied your meals will be.TIP 2: Do you find yourself relying on a handful of ingredients? Head to the fresh produce, poultry, meat and seafood sections of the supermarket, pick some new ones that you haven't tried, and experiment with them! Also have on hand, 5-10 go-to recipes that you can use throughout the week or month, and build your recipe repertoire from there. 50% 20% 20% 10% Working time: 1 hour Automate your meals for guaranteed fat loss Most people who start out with fat-loss jump in head first with no clue about what to do, what to eat, or where they're going. They latch on to the first popular diet they can find, hoping for it to be a magic fat-reduction bullet. One too many complicated food plans and ingredients they can't stomach later, they give up and jump to the next 'in' diet. The same thing happens. Eventually, they give up and end up gaining back whatever weight they've lost. I won't let that happen to you.Your key to successful and lasting fat loss: Creating an environment that sets you up for it and supports consistency. Don't leave your results to chance,With this worksheet, you'll learn all about how to put your favorite food ingredients together into meals (using the habits prescribed by your food coach) you love, and have them planned out and automated throughout the week so that you'll feel safe about your new habits and progress. No flubbing around, no struggling, and more importantly, guaranteed progress.This isn't a diet. It's eating to support your best body, vitality and your life. The one houryou'll spend on this worksheet will save you many more hours of distress, guilt and frustration from making bad food choices.Are you ready to get started? Let's do this!
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