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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Was the growth of industry beneficial to all Americans? Farmers-38% Industrial Workers-62% 1900 1840 Industrial Workers-31% Farmers-69% American wages for industrial workers Percentage of workers who were City Workers Millions of metric tons produced by Major Powers Economy allowed for the rich to sprout in many industries. GDP of countries per year This image shows how many people within the States could branch out into different industries to make millions. This expanded the American dream andmade immigrants more inclinded to move here. These two pie graphs show many americans changed their jobto work in the growing citiesand factories within the US The Line graph is about how American wages grew immensely in the years of the progressive erahelping the standard of living rise. With the United Statesbecoming an economic powerthey became one of the largestmanufacturing outfittersin the world Millions of tons of materials werecreated in the US making them leap intofirst in all f the categories shown.This helped raise the GDP of the USand with a higher GDP, means higherliving for US citizens. This Graph shows how the GDP of theselarger countries. The USA has one of thelower GDPs at the start but by 1913 they had multiplied it by five. In conclusion the growth of industry helped many Americans and created riches for the US. Jobs had higher wages for the lower class and City jobs started to control the work force.The growth of all of this industry raised the GDP of the US immensely and made the US oneof the largest manufacturing countries the world had ever seen. In total the industrial growthof the US was beneficial to the rich, middle class, poor, and the country in whole.
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