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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "And, throwing but shows of serviceon their lords, Do well thrive by them.And when they have lined their coats,Do themselves homage." Act 1 Scene 1 "Three great ones of the city(In personal suit to make me hislieutenant) Off-capped to him, and by the faith of man I know my price, I am worthno worse a place." Act 1, Scene 1 Mach avellian Villains Othello -Iago- The Wolf of Wall Street -Jordan Belfort- Iago devises well thought outand detailed plans with anultimate goal. He uses hisway with words to furthermanipulate the pawns and otheridentities involved. For example,Iago exploits Roderigo's love forDesdemona to a great effect. Heuses Roderigo for his money andas his front man, to take the blame for his crude wordswhile announcing toBrabantio that his daughterhas eloped with Othello. Iago manipulates charactersconstantly as pawns in hisultimate scheme. He does thisby appealing to the weaknessof individuals, moreovertricking them. For example,Iago uses Cassio's low tolerancefor alcohol to cause him to act unprofessionally. Scheming and Manipulative Self Serving, Power Hungry double click to change this header text! Active; Does Not Wait for Fate Subtle Master of Puppets Two-Faced; Appears Virtuous "My cause is hearted. Thine hathno less reason. Let us beconjunctive in our revengeagainst him."Act 1, Scene 3 Iago holds tight to the idea ofkeeping your friends closebut your enemies closer.Although this ideology cloaks himwith a trustworthy image, he is willing toexploit anyone so long it benefits hisambitions. For example, Iago's toneswitches from friendly to backbiting as soonas Othello steps away, and back tokindness when he comes back. Iago believes his actions are justified solong as they satisfy his ambitions. Moreover, hisambitions were deviated from a loss of powerwhich he hopes to regain. When Cassio was madelieutenant, Iago was angered with jealousy. As aresult of his pride and career being insulted hequickly turns to scheming a fruitful revenge that will serve his content. "Our bodies are our gardens,to the which our wills are gardeners." Act 1, Scene 3 Iago believes that ultimately we arein control of our own fate. That thedecisions we make decide ourfuture. Iago explains this to Roderigoin attempt to justify why they needto act quickly on his scheme forrevenge against Othello. "The only thing standing between youand your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it." Jordan explicitly states his conviction that we are responsible for everything that occurs in our lives. Heapplies this belief into his daily routine of actively pursuing his ambitions.For example, succeeding the stock market crash of 1987 stock brokers were outof employment. However, Jordan's restlessness with continuing broking secured himthe job which became the foundation of his success. "At the tender age of 22 I headedto the only place that befit myhigh minded ambition." Aleksandar Radman Jordan's way with words is an art, which he exploits to influence others. Through his manipulative word play he uses pawns to undertake the precarious tasks. For example, Jordan used Brad to mule tens of millions of dollars which consequently landed him in jail. Jordan's entire philosophyrevolves around manipulation.He achieved this by incorporatinghis skilled way with words, along with psychological persuasion techniques. The brokerage house,Stratton Oakmont, is Jordan'sgreatest scheme. Millions ofstock holders lost hundredsof millions of dollars by being manipulated by the very firm Jordan created. Though Jordan began with clearvirtues and morales, they drasticallyreceded in the chase for wealth.Jordan's wife, Nadine, supported himwhile poor, and rich. Although he appeared trustworthy, Jordan had countless affairs with his wife... along with his second wife. Jordan developed an obsessive greed not only for wealth, but power. Correspondingly, he attained power and wealth through criminal and immoral ways. Jordan manipulated millions of people out of their money through selling penny stocks. To this date families who have been bankrupted by him have not been recompensed. "There's no nobility in poverty. I've been a rich man andi've been a poor man. And I choose rich every fucking time!" "If thou canst cuckold him, thou dost thyself apleasure, me a sport." Act 1, Scene 3 "Knaverys plain face is never seen till used" Act 2, Scene 1 "I follow him to serve my turn upon him." Act 1, Scene 1 "Thus do I evermake my fool mypurse. For I mineown gainedknowledge shouldprofane If I wouldtime expend withsuch a snipe But formy sport and profit." Act 1, Scene 3 "Make all the money thou canst.If sanctimony and a frail vow betwixt anerring barbarian and supersubtleVenetian be not too hard formy wits and all the tribeof hell, thou shalt enjoy her." Act 1, Scene 3
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