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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Medi-sins The Ancient Romans had many peculiar cures for different diseases. Back then, their people didn't have any cures for deadly diseases, so they made them up. Their real problem was hygiene. Anything else, was not able to be cured. You could say a lot of people died of sickness then! Here are some Macabre Medi-sins that were used to cure ancient sicknesses. POOR HYGIENE Macabre 'Hairy limbs and bristly arms Suggest a stern personality, But the doctor smiles as he removes The warts from your smooth anus.' A poem about a doctor who made a living sucking warts off people----> Toothache A historian, Pliny the Elder cured toothache by rubbing ones mouth with a hippopotamuss left tooth and by eating the ashes of a wolf s head. He also said that the filth of the tail of sheep could strengthen teeth. Hangovers This "disease" was considered the worst problem. They cured this by drinking water frequently,taking baths and by rubbing Strigilis, a bronzetool along their body. This scrapes off any sweat,dust and dirt on their body. Romans cured this by rubbing themselves with cabbage.Pliny the Elder came up with the cure of gulping two raw owl's eggs. This helps to empty the stomach. The Assyrians chronicle, two of Roman's most dependable cures: they would rub lemons in their armpits and, if that didn't work, would gulp a teaspoon of groundup swallow's beaks! Don't tell me this isn't a medi-sin!
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