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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Events leading US to becoming a world power.Samantha Arthur Period 1 1919 1917 1915 1916 1914 Treaty of Versailles signed. This action had reflected on the US becoming a world power as many others have. In a social way, it increased nationalism, politically- it showed the obvious problem with the allience system. Economically, it took care of reconstruction of the European countries. And texhnologically, it took away the Germany's navy which made US navy the largest one there. All of these aspects led to the US becoming a world power because it proved that we can end wars the quickest and that we possess the most power. Wilson declares war. This has helped the US to become a world power as well. Socially, it created Uncle Sam who encouraged people to sign up for war. Politically, we got involved with European affairs which we had avoided to this point. Technologically, we had began creating new weapons for better warfare like machine gun and gas masks. By joining the war, we had showed our confidence in our power. Economically, we had began raising taxes for the war funds which helped us win the war. The sighting of Sussex pledge had been another reason for why America had become a world power. By promising America to not attack us, Germany had made us look like the world power and socially effected propaganda against Germany. It was a political act that caused Wilson to write his 14 points and also had an economic effect because we did not have to worry about making excess ships which helped with the 8 hour day law. Also, as a technological reason it caused advancements in creation of boats and creating a bigger navy. Lusitania had been sunk by German u-boats in this event. It is politically important because it broke the trust between the countries. Socially, there had been propaganda made to encourage people to fight in the war. Economically, it was a hard hit on our production of armory because it was filled with it and got sunk, which was a costly loss among with the passengers. Although extremely tragic, this event caused the US to become a world power because it made us stronger and more prepared for sudden attacks. President Wilson claiming neutrality caused the US to become the world power. It met the social aspect because it had created communication between countries. It had the political aspect because it was a choice that our country had made. It was an economical aspect because it caused us to sell armory to other countries and raised economy. And technologically we had been creating armory like tanks for other countries. Those aspects caused US to become world power because we had known our position on war and created an alternative for righting by selling armory. President Wilson claimed neutrality was one of the events that led US to become a world power. It had been a social and political decision that built our economy by selling armory like tanks to other countries. This has given US a chance to stay out of war but prepare for it which gave us an advantage to become a world power.
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