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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 9 ROAD2SUCCESS:GuidelinesandTIPS ENGLISH 100 Course SyllabusYou Must check your syllabusas often as possiblefor readings,SWA's, MWA'setc.WARNING:Possible quiznext class meetingSo Study Up! Take NotesTaking notes is aEssential part of English 100because it allows you tounderstand the assignments andtasks a little bit betterAnd also helps you outwith completing yourSWA's and MWA'S D2L (Desire 2 Learn)A website that allows youto access bulletins aboutschool, homework assignments,course syllabus, dropboxand announcements. Checkhere often for the next objectivein English 100 MWAMajor writing Assignmentsare research papers that areassigned by the instructor andgiven a topic of their choosing.Must be 2 to 3 pages and includea Works cited page. You mustturn it in the dropbox on D2L No Phones!In English 100You are not allowed tobe on your cell phonebecause it maydisturb the learningprocess causingyou to miss out oninformationabout the assignmentsthat must be doneSo Don't bring them! SWAShort Writing Assignments are research papersThat are assignedby the instructorand given a topicof their choosing.Must be 1 to 2 Pages. You mustturn it in the dropbox on D2L. Come PreparedAlways make sure thatYou Have everythingyou need ready to goto class for English 100such as:-English 100 book-Pens and Pencils-Paper-Notebook-Highlighter Work Well With othersEnglish 100Strongly encourages working wellwith one anotherTeam work makesthe dream workso workrespectfullyand learnbetter. Ask QuestionsCome to class with an agendato ask questions. If there issomething you are notunderstanding, By Any MeansAsk the instructor. Don't become cluelessand wait until the lastminute to try to figureout how to do something.Ask questions to understandwhat needs to be understood.
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