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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The week of a MVHS Hybrid Student Mountain View High School Hybrid Learning A virtual hybrid model allowing students to dividetheir time between attending the physical brick and mortar campusfor face-to-face instruction and learning remotely usingonline delivery of content and instruction. Impact of Hybrid Learning Is it right for you? Synchronous Sessions -Are you responsible?-Are you self-motivated?-Do you have a need for schedule flexibility? -Do you like to go at your own speed in classes?-Would you like to have Mondays & Tuesday as possible small group/one-to-one work time with the teacher? Live Classroom via eClass allows students the chance to learn in a multidimensional simultaneous multimedia classroom.Teachers have the ability to take attendance, pre-test, post-test,poll, survey, and vote. Accountability and personalization is increased for students. Students who are passing all classes will follow this schedule: Reasons why MVHS wants to start a Hybrid Learning Model... 100% Fridays-At MVHS F2F Wednesday--At MVHS F2F Thursday--At MVHS F2F Tuesdays--work remotely off campus Learning Styles & Differences Anytime, Anywhere Learning Personalized Learning Mondays--work remotely off campus 20% 20% 20% 100% 100% 100% Next Generation Skills Innovation, creativity, collaboration,problem-solving and critical thinking through technology are developed and cultivated in this hybrid learningmodel. 100% Flexibility & Efficiency Work at Your Pace/Independence 20% 20%
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