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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 your artboard Mutation: Magic or Madness? -Hemoglobin mutation whichallows some humans to beresistant to Malaria especiallyin Africa where it is most rampant -Tetrachromatic vision that cangive women four different colorreceptors instead of three(like the male) and enable tocapture more unknown colors tohumanity (in rare cases) -Heterochromia Iridis whichmakes the color of one's irisdifferent in each eye Evolutionary Changes: What is Mutation? -a change in the genetic information (DNA) of an organism-is responsible for Evolution. double click to change this header text! Chances of developing Brest Cancerdue to genetic mutation (by the age of 70) 6 out of10 15% Men over the age of 65that can acquire prostatecancer due to genetic mutation 8.29% of the mutations that happen inside your body are uselessand take no effect whatsoever Recent studies show that inmore or less 30 years,the existence of genetic inequalityamong humans is possible Scientists found out that achange on the myostatin genecan result in abundant muscle growthand unusual strengthwhich can be delegated into humans. Another existing condition broughtabout by mutation is the"Superman Syndrome" whereinan individual has an extra 'Y'chromosome and is born withsuperior human strength. Mutations aren't as rare associety thinks. The color of oureyes (blue, green, etc.), thecomplexion of our skin (fair,dark, tan), freckles, and cleftchin are all products ofmutation which turned intoevolution. So it isn't far that mutationcan be brought to a higher level(strength, intellect, etc.) Katrina Cassandra BausasA62SCIENVC
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