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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MSM Theme Task tap and hold to change this header text! In my opinion, I claim that the theme for Man's search for meaning is not to give up hope no matter what situation you are in because you may be close to the end. By: Taija Hollowell Evidence Connections Pg.47"It can be readily understood that such state of strain, couple with the constant necessity of concentrating on the task of staying alive, forced the prisoner's inner life down to a primitive level" "Pg.58. I didn't know whether my wife was alive, and I had no means of finding out" Pg.64"It also follows that a very trifling thing can cause the greatest of joys" Pg.67"We were grateful for the smallest of mercies" Pg.72" I dreamed longingly,and my thoughts wandered north and northeast, in the direction of my home,but I could only see clouds My reasoning for choosing this quote is because most people in the book gave up and just ran into the electrical wire. In this case others kept hope and continued to concentrate on living. This quote comes to show that such an aspect such as the love of his life kept him going. To him, it didn't matter whether she was still alive or not My reasoning for this quote was to emphasize that laughing and having some type of joy can make you have a little more hope and make things seem not as bad as they are My reasoning for this quote was to show that while hoping for better you may not see that there are better things ahead of you but it gives you comfort to think of home. I've chosen this quote because you can infer that the hoped for mercy. In fact, when they where treated with mercy it was great
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