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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Age group with the most smartphone users and the largest number of first-time The University of Findlay 2012 College of Business Helpful information for real estate marketers Business Core & Major: 63 hours General Education: 36 hoursEng. 106 or 107: 3 hoursCSCI 148, 150 or 190: 3 hoursCSCI 157: 3 hoursCOMM 110 or 211: 3 hoursWellness: 2 hoursGeneral Electives: 11 hours BUAD 220: Principles of ManagementBUAD 310: Business Law: Contracts/Neg. Instr.BUAD 311: Business CommunicationsBUAD 350: International BusinessBUAD 390: Business ResearchBUAD 493: Business Policy Major Courses ACCT BUAD Program Design Daily time spent using device to make calls 81% 25 55% Increase of smartphonesubscriptions ACCT 180: Financial SpreadsheetACCT 220: Principles of Accounting IACCT 221: Principles of Accounting II Copyright*resources - NAR 2011 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers,,, 12 79% 61% ECOM ECOM 200: Principles of MacroeconomicsECOM 201: Principles of Microeconomics Daily time spent usingdevice to browse the web Smartphones are rapidly becoming the go-to device for mobile subscribers. ePropertySites explores some recent and relevant data in this infographic that can assist real estate marketers in making mobile marketing decisions. 25-34 minutes minutes homebuyers 124 HRS Total hour month Core Courses FNCE SYSA MRKT
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