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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Development and Technology of the MP3 1982- First patent is denied 1982- The idea is born 1987- Real progress begins 1988- MPEG is created 1989- Patent granted 1993-1994- On to the next step 1992- Wheels are in motion 1996- MP3 travelsacross the pond 1998- Fraunhofer starts to make money 1999- Music industry is changed forever 1999- Personal musicplaying is changedforever The group responsible forcreating the MP3, Moving Pictures Expert Group, is formed as a subcommitteeof the ISO/IEC Brandenburg's thesis advisorapplies for a patent but has it denied, being told that it would be "impossible" The record company SubPop is the first todistribute music tracksvia the MP3 format Fraunhofer's audio codingalgorithm is integrated into MPEG-1, the first real stepto creating the MP3 With the advancement ofcomputer technology, theFraunhofer Institut is ableto experiment with newways of transporting thisdata, making the MP3a real possibility In April of 1989, the Fraunhofer Institut received a German patentfor the MP3 Fraunhofer started to enforce their patent rights and all developersof MP3 encoders/decoders/rippers/players have to pay a licensing fee to Fraunhofer Between 1993-1994, theMPEG-1 standard is published, and the MPEG-2is developed and published On November 26, the United States patent is issuedfor the MP3 1998- Distributing on the music scene The first portable MP3 players make a breakout MP3 The idea of transmitting data via ISDN phone lines is proposed to Brandenburg by his thesis advisor With the inventions of illegal music sharing services like Napster andLimewire, much controversy is caused in the industry and lawsuits are filed, forever changingthe way we listen to music Karlheinz Brandenburg of the Fraunhofer Institut and its subcommitte MPEG invented the MP3 that we know today, here's how they did it.
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