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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The perilous journey of the Donner party The Donnor party begins with the Donnor and the reed family's wantingto move west because of cheepland and better jobs. So the parties want to take a shortcut to calafornia sothey could have better jobs and better lives . By Marian Calabro An extreme blizzard occurs The donnor parties and reed parties get lostThey also run out of food. So they eat each other when one would die from extream winter conditions, their horses and also their leather shoesto survive the blizzard. Stuck in the sierra Nevadas trapped by heavy snow,a journey that should've taken5-6 months actually lasted 1 year. When the heavy snow finally cleared up, the some that survived went back on the path fromwere they came. The survivors got help from a native american tribe and got back to independence Missouri . My book The perilous journey of the Donnor party is about what the donnor party did to prepare for their journey. What hardships they faced during here 1 year trip such as starvation,sickness and getting stunk in snow.My book also explains what happens after the snowstorm is over. Interesting Facts About the Donnor partyThe group had 90 emigrants totalThe donor party left in April 1846Though thought to be a short cut there was a much easier passage through the Wasatch mountains. "Compared to today,little information about California was available in the way of travel planning . people mostly relied on hearsay, letters,and reporters...Basically ,you went to Missouri and went on following the oregon trail until you turned left for calafornia at a place called fort hall" I chose this quote because it describes why the trail that the donnor party went down wasnt as safe as it seemed.
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