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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 All POW's are saved and transported to Carriers. 1961 1965 1963 1968 1968 1975 1954 Vietnam SplitsNorth VietnamSouth Vietnam North Vietnamese attack South Vietnam on TET. War reaches point of no return. Operation Flaming Dart Officers are assassinated.Kennedy furthers involvement withthe war. Operation Rolling Thunder is ordered. South Vietnam loses their capitol. War ends and Vietnam isno longer split, A wall is made to commemorate those who died. First man dies in theVietnam War Vietnam War By Maurice Isserman Saying of Ranch Hand pilots "Only you can prevent forests!" 1973 The book Vietnam War by Maurice Isserman elaborates on the history of the Vietnam War. She first describes why and how we got involved in the war. Maurice eventually goes on to explain the major events of the war, like the TET offensive. The book later goes on to state how the war ends. Deaths in Vietnam War Allied Military Deaths Communist Military Deaths Civillian Military Deaths "A Vietnamese remains a 'gook' no matter who's side he's on" I chose this quote because it just seems so odd that they can be fighting along side these people, yet hate them all the same. Sp4c. John R. Riggan To make more room on the carries they would push of the helicopters after being rescued. If your plane was shot down during Vietnam you had no reason to worry, more than 3,00 pilots were saved. Rolling Thunder was a three year bombing campaign on North Vietnam. First time Blacks fought along side whites
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