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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 : mud slides are often triggered byheavy rainfall quick thawing of the lands or a volcanic activity. Rain or melting snow on the sides of active volcanoes combineswith the soil, rocks and traveling and speeds80 Km/h and is up to 50 meters thick buryvillages whole and people alive. 8800m Mountains Landslides Types of Landslides MOUNTAIN LANDSCALES - LANDSLIDES Landslides are horribledisasters that can havethe potential to bury whole villages and people alive.They happen frequently,fortunately they are notalways deadly. :slumping is the movement of chunks of soil rocks and earthsteep curved slope.An uneven decline ( called scarps) iscaused by these chunks slipping.This is usually caused by earth-quakes, exesive rain orfreezingor thawing if the land. :soil creep is the very slow movementof soil,rock and earth.It is the slowestmoving and happens over many years.To the human eye the slow movementof the soil is mostly unnoticeable.Soil creep leaves behind leaning telegraphpoles and fences; cracked walls and bowed trees. Soil creep Slumping :Avalanches are the rapid movement of ice and snow down steep mountain slopes they are fast moving landslidesand are caused by natural movement of the earth (earthquakes and weatherevents )or human movements (snowboarding and skiing) There are many types of landslidesbut there are four main types: Avalanches Mud Slides / lahrs Did you know? why do we live in such a dangerous place? how do you prepare for a land slide . Mountains make up about one-fifth of the world's landscape., Mountains are homes to at least 10% of the world's people. .Learn about emergency response and evacuation plans for your area .Talk through the evacuation plan and safety when a land slide occurs. .Make a evacuation plan for your family and business. .make a emergency kit for when a landslide happens..Become familiar with the your area and make sure you understand the risk in different situations..Get supplies ready in case you need to evacuate3-day supply of water; three liters per person per day3-day supply of, easy-to-prepare food .Flashlight .Battery-powered or hand-crank .Extra batteries .First Aid kit .Medications and medical items . Multi-purpose tool .Sanitation and personal hygiene items .Copies of personal documents, proof of address, passports, birth certificates, insurance policies .Cell phone with chargers .Emergency contact information .Extra money Although there are manydangers in living in mountains,there are also many benefitsof living there as well. benefitsare:.High rainfalls from mountains.Mountains are tourist attractionsfor snowboarding and skiing.Easy to reach ores and metals.Fresh water from rivers.Fertile lands Mountains are created by thetectonic plates pushing against each other,and raising a chunkof land. The powerful force of tectonic plates can push the land up to above sealevel.
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