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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PEDAGOGY TECHNOLOGY CONTENT/KNOWLEDGE WHERE AM I NOW? I have taken 15 years of schooling in my life. In that time I have learned and forgotten many things. However, I do still retain a knowledge of much of the content taught in elementary grades, the grades I am currently hoping to one day teach. So while my knowledge can be expanded much more, I believe of the three categories this one is my most developed. My understanding of Teaching techniques and philosophies has been influenced by my own schooling experience, and how my teachers taught. It also has been expanded by several of the courses directly relevant to the topic, such as EDU 100, and EDU 211. It has also been shaped by some of my volunteer experiences teaching Englis has a second Language and various positions of responsibility I have held throughout my life,. In some of these. I was required to deliver training to large groups of people and I learned a bit about how people respond to certain ways of teaching. Thus Some of my knowledge does overlap with pedagogy and I do have some understanding of it, This is why there is a slight overlap on the diagram and the circle is the second biggest. My understanding of pedagogical philosophy and application comes from several things: My own school experience, courses that speak directly about it, and responsibilities I have had that required me to teach and train groups of people. Having had a little experience in teaching, I felt this circle was the second most developed, with a small amount of overlap beginning. I have both used and applied it before, and I am continuously expanding my knowledge in this area. This circle is rather small and not yet connected to the other two. I struggle with technology, I typically use it only for entertainment and communication, and when it comes to connecting and interweaving it with teaching and pedagogy, it seems very foreign to my entire experience growing up. So for now it is out here all by itself.
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