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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1 How to Make an EXTRA CUT of $$$ Making Money With Music Don't leave money on the table! Whenever You Sell Your Music or Merch When you become an affiliate at a store, they pay you a commission whenever you send someone to their store and they buy something. 3 You now get an whenever peoplebuy your music ormerch! EXTRA CUT Make affiliate to promote or sell your music Front-End: Your cutfor sending them tothe store. Back-End: Your cutfrom the sale of yourmusic. Sign up as an at online music & merch sellers iTunes = Amazon = Zazzle =Spreadshirt = Cafepress = By Randy Chertkow & Jason Feehan TIP #1 AFFILIAT E Sign up as an affiliate at any of these stores: Or sign up with an affiliate aggregator: Commission Junction = Rakuten Affiliate Services = 2 Each store let's you create special links that give you a % cut of the sale. Only use these links when promoting your music or merch. LEARN MORE: Get the critically-acclaimed 2nd Edition of The Indie Band Survival Guide Brought to you by: Download the comprehensive 15-hour music business course: Making Money with Music B LINKS
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