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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 the many the 5 of Apps AirDisplay is an app i use quite frequently and daily. AirDisplay basically makes you iPadas a secondary display for your computer. As a graphic designer, every pixel on the screencounts. So, my controls are basically on the iPad and my main canvas is at my main monitor.This saved me money because i didn't have to buy another monitor. A neat feature is that it alsomakes the second screen touch capable. This app doesn't require an internet connection but itrequires a WiFi network. AirDisplay Productivity I use the Pages app daily on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook. This is because in myopinion, is better and simpler to use than Microsoft Word. I might be bias to it becausealmost all my devices are Apple devices. Although there is Microsoft office for Macs,there is no support for my other devices. One really great feature of the app is the syncing in iCloud. This automatically sync all my devices and i'm able to edit andcontinue my document even i'm on the go. Without the internet, this wouldn't bepossible. This made my workflow so much better because i can work whenever I'mout of my house. Ignition Pages Ignition is an iOS app i also use daily. It allows me to remotely access my computerwherever i have internet connection. This is important for me because sometimes, Ineed to retrieve a file from my home computer. This could range from documents,videos, music and pictures. As a freelance graphic designer, this is very useful for mebecause sometimes i need to retrieve graphics from my home computer and work onthem from another computer. This made my workflow so much easier. Before, if youforget a file from your home computer, the only way to retrieve is to go home and get it.But thanks to the advancements in mobile technology and internet, its so much simpler now. Mail Pilot Mail Pilot is an alternative mail app for iOS devices. I use this app because it shows messagesas to-do lists. As a freelance graphic designer, my e-mail is usually filled with e-mails frompotential clients. They usually describe what they want and when they want it. With Mail Pilot,it shows as messages on a "to-do" list. New e-mails are marked as "incomplete' tasks. Thismade me look at potential client's e-mails so much easier and more intuitive. Before, you couldonly check e-mails if you have a computer that is connected to the internet, But now, thanks tomobile internet connections, it's as easy as checking a text message. Evernote Evernote is another productivity app that i use daily. I use it on my Macbook, iPhone and iPad.It is basically an app to take down notes. But, not only it lets you take down notes, it lets youtake photos and put a caption on it. I use this if get inspired by an object and decide to createan artwork of it. One great feature it has is the sync feature. It automatically syncs all yournotes throughout all your devices with evernote installed. Of course, this requires an internetconnection. Without an internet connection, the sync feature wouldn't work. Evernote helpedme greatly because i can easily take a photo and take down notes on my iPhone when i'm outand see it later automatically on my Macbook. John Vincent A. Coronel2007-82030MMS 142
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