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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MLS 9% Major League Soccer championshipwins and when established 14% 20% 31% 10% MLS players558 players La Galaxy is a 4 title MLS cup champions in 2002, 2005, 2011, and 2012 DC united wining 4 titles in 1996-1998 for the MLS cup Portland Timbers established 2009 by Peregrine Sports Seattle Sounders established November 13, 2007 FC Dallas established 1996 andwas the runner up in 2010in the MLS cup New York Red bulls established 1995 and Red Bull payed for most of the equitment and park Colorado Rapids established 1996 won MLS cup in 2010 Real Salt Lake established 2004 and won MLS cup in 2009 Club Deportivo Guadalajaraestablished May 8, 1906 Chicago Fire established 1997 won MLS cup in 1998 Columbus CrewestablishedJune 5, 1994 won MLS cupin 2008 Supporting Kansas city established 1995 won the MLScup in 2000, 2013 Philadelphia Unionestablished 2008 New England Revaluation established 1995 Huston Dynamo established December 15, 2005 and won the 2005 MLS cup San Jose Earthquakes established June 5, 1994 and won the MLS cup in 2001, 2003 Major Leage Soccer started in December 17, 1993. The teams are eather from the US or Canada. And is one of the many leagues that is most liked in the world MLS coachesatleast 28 coatches per team Orlando city SC established 2013 Vancouver Whitecaps FC established 2009 Toronto FC founded May 11, 2006 A new big sponsor investment can bring in $100 million and more like Red Bull did in 2006. But it would have to be a big money maker compony
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