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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MARTIN LUTHER KING JR MALCOLM X VS. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. UPBRINGING UPBRINGING Parents: Christine Williams King (teacher) and Martin Luther King Sr. (preacher)was born into a financially secure middle class familylearned courage and wanted to work towardjustice and equality for all EDUCATION He excelled academically up until high school, when he dropped out at the age of 15. EDUCATION attended Atlanta public schools, MorehouseCollege (at 15), Crozer Theological Seminary, and Boston University, and ended up with a very complex intellectual understanding of the world QUALITIES QUALITIES charismatic, brave, eloquent, consistent in beliefs and message persistent, had an undeterred commitment to do more, provided much inspiration, addressed his issue from all directions GOALS GOALS wanted equality for African Americans, and worked through his Muslim religion; did not want integration or nonviolence sought equality for all and integration of allpublic facilities, wanting to use only nonviolence and Christian methods to achieve it "I don't evencall it violencewhen it's in selfdefense; I callit intelligence." MALCOLM X "Love is the only force capable oftransforming anenemy into a friend." "I have decidedto stick with love.Hate is too greata burden to bear." "We may have allcome on differentships, but we're inthe same boat now." "You don't have apeaceful revolution.You don't have aturn-the-cheek revolution. There'sno such thing as anonviolent revolution." "A man whostands fornothing will fallfor anything." Parents: Louise Little (housewife) andEarl Little (preacher and civil rights activist)surrounded by racism, faced constant violenceand poverty developed a severe hatred toward all whitepeople for their actions toward minorities MESSAGE MESSAGE These 3 quotes say that he did not thinknonviolence would be effective and that allpeople should take a stand against injustice. These 3 quotes say that he thought of loveas being the center of nonviolence and that allpeople should work as one toward equality. ACTIONS ACTIONS He influenced the African American community touse methods of violence to reach their goals ofequality. He encouraged all to take a stand againstwhite people and not to trust them. LEGACY He urged the African American community toinstill love and peace into their fight for justice.He believed that all people should be equal. Although he didn't really agree with the Civil RightsMovement and the NAACP, he aided immensely in liftingthe self-esteem of African Americans and reconnecting them with their heritage. He is also credited with largely spreading Islam throughout the US. LEGACY His main goal before his death was to secureprogress on the Civil Rights Movement in the US,which he succeeded in, as the Civil Rights Acts of1968 was passed days after his death.
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