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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Malcom X Martin Luther King Jr. Patient, Brave, Persistent, Trustworthy,& nonviolent attended West Junior High School,where he was the only black student.There, he was the top of his class andthe class president. Malcolm dropped out of school at age 15. FAMILYBACKGROUND grew up in a secure and loving environmentfamily of Baptist ministers MLK's dad foughtagainst racial prejudice because heconsidered racism and segregation to be anaffront to God's will. He strongly discouragedany sense of class superiority in his childrenwhich left a lasting impression on MLKJ Dad was a civil rights activist whowas killed for his beliefs. Soon afterhis father died, his mother went crazyand was sent to an insane asylum. charismatic, determined,courageous,and smart vs For his education, MLK attended public schools in GA, Morehouse College, Crozer Theological Seminary in PA, and Boston Universtiy. EDUCATION GOALS CHARACTERISTICS Martin Luther King Jr. workedfor voting rights for blacks andequality for all. At first, his goal was to createa separate community for blacksbecause he hate white peopleand the way they treated blacks.After his journey to Mecca, he saw that integration was possibleand changed his views. MESSAGES "If you have no critics you'lllikely have no success." "The future belongs tothose who prepare forit today." "Nobody can give you freedom.Nobody can give you equalityor justice or anything. If you'rea man, you take it." "Love is the only force capableof transforming an enemy intofriend." "I have decided to stickwith love. Hate is too great a burden to bear" "The time is alwaysright to do what is right." MLKJ:Montgomery bus boycott, Southern Christian LeadershipConference, the Albany Movement, and the March onWashington Malcolm X:revolutionized the blackmind, transforming coloredpeople into proud blacksand self-confident African-Americans. ACTIONS LEGACY: Both Malcolm X and Dr. Kingwere great leaders of the civil rights movement that discouraged oppressionand discrimination of African Americans
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