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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Malcolm X Message Martin Luther King, Jr. vs Message Education Characteristics Goals "Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody cangive you equality or justice or anything. Ifyou're a man you'll take it."Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law,respect everyone; but if someone puts hishand on you, send him to the cemetery.""I don't call it violence when it's in selfdefense; I call it intelligence."All of these quotes are of him speaking indefense of his decision to use violence toachieve equality. Education Characteristics Goals The second of three children,born to a Baptist preacherand a homemaker. Learnedcourage at a young age, andhated discrimination of any kind. Born into a financially stable middleclass family and so was able to geta better education than most. Wentto Boston University, MorehouseCollege, Crozer Theological Seminary. Very passionate about the strugglefor equality. Believed in thenon-violent ways of Gandhi and Jesus.He was a Christian and wanted to leada Christian movement. Wanted to bring equality to AfricanAmericans in a non-violent, Christianmanner. Upbringing One of eight children. Father was killed by atrolley, and his mom couldn't take care of thechildren and eventually died in an insaneasylum. Went to juvie at 13 for 3 years, whenhe got out he lived with his sister and got intodrugs and gangs. Arrested at 20 for burglaryand was sentenced to 10 years. Left school early, and as a teen had odd jobsinstead of going to school. However, he selftaught himself while he was in prison so thathe could write letters. He was very headstrong and passionate aboutthe struggle for African Americans to gain equality.Ended up hating whites and preached that blackswere actually superior to them. Joined the Islamicfaith while in prison, and did not believe in the non-violent fight. Although Martin Luther King,Jr. and Malcolm X bothfought for the same thingsand were both active in theCivil Rights Movement, theyare very different people. Upbringing Wanted equality for African Americansat first, but then believed that they wereactually superior to whites, and that theroles should be reversed. Believed inusing violence if necessary to achieve hisgoal. "Love is the only force capable of transformingan enemy into a friend.""Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only lightcan do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; onlylove can do that.""I have decided to stick with love. Hate is toogreat a burden to bear."All of these quotes show his steadfast beliefin the non-violent movement. Actions MLK, Jr. was the leader of the SCLC, was elected to leadthe Montgomery Bus Boycott, helped organize massmeetings in support for African American suffrage,encouraged sit-ins, and was always willing to give speechesfor the cause, the most notable of which was his 'I Have aDream' speech. Actions Malcolm X mostly advocated African Americans to castoff the shackles of racism "by any means necessary."He gave a lot of speeches to rally people to his causeand insisted that a non-violent movement could not exist,that all it would do was impede their progress. After histrip to Mecca though he changed his mind and thoughtthat America could be the first place to have a bloodlessrevolution. Legacy Legacy Malcolm X is viewed as a civilrights hero, although he ismostly viewed in a negativelight because of his angryways. MLK, Jr. is the face of the CivilRights Movement, known for hispeaceful ways. He is honoredwith a national holiday, amemorial in Washington, D.C.and countless schools andbuildings are named after him.
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