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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 America's Greatest Activist Wants:The Change He Hoped For Circumstances:USA in the 1950s 1.All African Americans to be in the same community as whites.2.Political and Social equality for all people:voting rights, education, and employment.3.A world where character prevailed than colour of skin. 4.He also fought against war and encouraged world peace. Supreme CourtWashington D.C. 1 What he did:He gave a speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial Explanation:He argued against unemployment rate for African AmericansHow it influenced change:The speech was broadcasted on television and brought attention to the issue King was fighting against Outcome:People around U.S.A started to feel sympathy for King and other African Americans During King's time in America, the Supreme Court took control over the government and favored the laws in the constitution. power:U.S. president Wiliam Taft, who had great power, argued for the Supreme Court to be an independent government. power:The Supreme Court referred to the "Commerce Clause" in the Constitution that allows the Court to have power, every time they issued something. 2 3 How He Was Perceived by Various Groups Caucasians:They were against giving more rights/opportunities to African AmericansSome believed this strongly, and fought for it. They even planned to kill activists like KingOther activists in America:They thought King's non-violent campaign was not going far enough.Government Authorities:They objected to King. It is said by King's family that the government committed to King's assassination.Supporters(African Americans):They rioted after King's death, just like in Gandhi's situation. 1 Gandhi to King:The Influence Gandhi created change by showing love and being calm. King adopted this tactic because it worked well for Gandhi in India. King visited India and the sites that were involved in Gandhi's protests, which shows that King was impressed by Gandhi How the Supreme Court: Martin Luther King Jr. power:They created laws decreasing thequality of education, jobs, andprotection provided for African Americans. They also didn't let African Americans vote nor marry whites. Creating Change:Using Peaceful Demonstrations What he did:He led a bus boycott in Montgomery, AlabamaExplanation:It was a protest against Rosa Park's arrest (who refused to give up her seat to a white person)How it influenced change:The bus company lost most of its customers (who were African Americans) so lost its money. They pressured the Court to abolish segregationOutcome:The Supreme Court banned segregation on public transportation Used Acquired 2 Justified By Tomo Nonaka
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