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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MJConnect 1200R Translift PLC Controls Additional Sensors Collecting Data(MJ Engineering) Device to Transmit Data(Technology Dept)- Black Box - Support Cellular - Support WiFi SCADA Software to "Pull" Data from Machines(MJ Engineering)- Indusoft Web Studio Currently Implemented- Homegrown Application Available- Stores Data in SQL Database Web App to Display Data(Technology Dept)- Connect to SQL Database- Custom Display of Data per Customer Requirements- Viewable by Internal Organizations - TSI - Product Support - Mi-Jack Engineering- $ Subscriction/Contract Based Access $ - Service Contractors - Railroad Management - Operation Companies Application and Database Server(MJ Hosted) Web Server(MJ Hosted) Cab HMI Display - Used by Service Technicians to Troubleshoot- Display Pertinent Data ONLY- Display All Fault Codes- Display All Warnings/Notifications Data to Collect/Display - EStop Activation- Seat Belt Status- Fuel Level- Hydraulic Oil Contaminates- Clogged Filters- Latch Count/Status- Hoist System Shock- Hydraulic Oil Life/Level/Temp- Vehicle Impact- Tire Pressure/Temperature- Machine Hours (Idle/Seat)- PLC Errors - Electronic Engine Data - Fuel Consumption - Oil Life/Pressure/Temp - Battery Voltage - Fuel Contaminates - RPM- GPS Data - Average MPH - Current MPH - Total Mileage - Dog Tracking - Impacts Phase 1New Cranes
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