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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Yellow is a Symbol Yellow is a color we see everywhere. The sun is yellow, bees, flowers and many other things are. But what does the color yellow actually symbolize? BetrayalWhen you think of yellow you might think of happiness, but that isn't all. The Man in the Yellow Suit is blackmailing the Fosters. When he found Winnie, he will only give her back for their wood. He pretended to be their friend, but he knew all along that he would use them just to get his way. Caution The Man in the Yellow Suit was dangerous the whole time. When Winnie first laid eyes on him, he reminded her of ribbons at a funeral. That icy feeling trickling down her spine was not exaggerated. The Man in the Yellow Suit is like caution tape, screaming, "Come no further!" GreedYellow also represents greed. He wanted the spring so badly, he would do anything to get it. But why is the Man in the Yellow Suit never named? He is never named because he represents all of the greedy people in the world. Instead of pinning him down to one name, one person, he is everyone. The Man in the Yellow Suit also shows that everyone can be greedy, no matter who you are. GoldJust like greed, gold means the desire to be rich and wealthy. It seems like everyone wants more money, clothes, or anything to make it seem like they are better than others. Gold is often associated with royalty for the belief that with more things, more gold, you get more power.
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