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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ANXIETYADHDDEPRESSIONMOOD DISORDERSEATING DISORDERS 110,960 Calls to Kids Help Phone from Ontario youth in 2013. MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES IN THE CLASSROOM THE NUMBER OF CHILDREN AND YOUTH IN ONTARIO FACING A MENTAL HEALTH CHALLENGE 25% 25% - Alysa, Grade 2 TeacherGrand Erie District School Board There's not nearly enough being done to support thestudents' mental health needs. NEARLY 70% OF ONTARIO TEACHERS HAVE NOTRECEIVED ANY PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TO ADDRESS STUDENT MENTAL ILLNESS. ONE IN FIVE [MOST COMMON MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH] Learn about Laurier's Mental Health Issues in the Classroom certificate: Let's make sure that teachers are ready to identify and understand these issues. - page 13 - page 16 EDUCATORS ARE OFTEN THE FIRST TO IDENTIFY MENTAL HEALTH CONCERNS IN THEIR STUDENTS. OF STUDENTS WANT TO TALK ABOUT THEIR MENTAL HEALTH BUT DON'T KNOW WHERE TO TURN.
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