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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FUN FACTS GRIT SURVEY SCORES:Scores below 3.5 are low. Scores above 3.5 are high. Enjoys cooking andtrying new cuisines. Well travelled and loves the outdoors. Greatly appreciatesmusic, theatre and art. Loves attending events andinteracting with people. Created using Easel.lyGRIT Survey: Guided Path Survey from Haskayne School of Business CCAL Conscientiousness:Organized. Achieves goals. Emotionality Openness to Experience:Open to learning new things. Extraversion: Socialand cheerful. Agreeableness Perseverance:Will overcome obstacles. Passion: Committed. 2010-2012Calgary Stampede: ManagedPrivate Concession Stand 2014Small Private Business Experience:Includes Invoicing, Accounts payable, Accounts Receivable, Administrative duties; using Excel and MYOB accounting package 2011-2013High School Productions: Stage Manager & Costumes Director WORK & LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE TIMELINE 2011Completed 12 Week Dale Carnegie Teen Course PROFESSIONAL SKILLS:What I Can Bring to the Table I'm a 1st yearInternational Businessstudent at theUniversity of Calgary I am a born and raised Calgarian since 1996. MEGHAN MORIN RESUME "The earth has music for those who listen" ~Shakespeare 6.4 5.7 4.6 3.8 4.17 5.1 4.33 Motivation Microsoft Office GRIT Survey Results: 22/100 for procrastination. Let's get the job done right and without delay! My first year of business school, in addition to my prior experience, have given me a comprehensive understanding of accounting, pivot and regressions tables, and a complete knowledge of Microsoft Office. Problem Solving I can solve the problem at hand professionally and creatively, with or without a team around me. I prefer collaboration witha team but am very independent and can lead in any situation. EDUCATION & INFORMATION Graduated Masters College in 2014 with honours and received an academic scholarship for all 3 years of high school only awarded to students with 85% average or higher. Awarded the full amount of the Rutherford scholarship in 2014. Spanish I have been learning how to communicate and write inSpanish for 6 years. I finished my Gr. 12 Spanish class witha 94% average. I plan to be fluent in Spanish within a few years.
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