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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MERS - CoV Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus MERS-CoV Symptoms Source: 73% 238 is a viral respiratory illness caused by a corona virus, a large family of viruses, from the common cold to severe acute respiratory syndrome or SARS.MERS-CoV is different from SARS. Globally from September 2012 to present, WHO confirmed the following stats: From the first reported case in Saudi Arabia in 2012,it has spread to Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar , Tunisia and the UAE. There are also laboratory confirmed cases in the UK,France, Italy and most recently here in the Philippines. Preventing MERS-CoV Frequently Asked Questions Is there a travel ban to countries in the Arabian Peninsula or neighboring countries where MERS cases have occurred? What should you do if you reside in any of the affected countries or have recently travelled to neighboring countries? Is there a laboratory test for MERS-CoV? What are the actions the taken by the DOH? WHO has not issued travel health warnings for any country related to MERS-CoV. If you develop a fever and symptoms of lower respiratory illness after a known exposure within 14days, you should see your healthcare provider and mention your recent exposure or travel. Yes. Laboratory tests (polymerase chain reaction or PCR) for MERS-CoV are available in affected countries and in the Philippines thru the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) in Alabang, Muntinlupa. * Active Surveillance.* Readiness of hospital to handle MERS-CoV cases.* Strengthen monitoring of passengers in all seaports and airports. Contact for Questions and Emergencies DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH (DOH) 24-hour HOTLINE 711 - 1001 | 711- 1002 HGS CLINIC (Main Site) 434 - 5127 | 0917 - 804 4255 238 Cases - 1 Case in the Philippines 92 Deaths
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