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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DISTINGUISHED MEN Marine Private Tomas Mateo ClaudioBorn May 7, 1892- Died June 29,1918 He is considered the first Fillipino to die overseas during the battle of Chateau-Thierry. Harlem HellfightersThey helped to establish to the entire world the power ofblack soldiers in the military. The 369th Infantry Regiment,formerly known as the 15th New York National GuardRegiment, was an infantry regiment of the United States Army given to the French Army Aaron FisherFisher displayed exceptional bravery in action when his position wasattacked by a much larger German force. Despite being severely wounded in the initial onslaught, he refused to abandon his post, ordering his men to stand and fight. Although it appeared that they would quickly be overwhelmed, Fishers men fought on against impossible odds until an Allied counter attack drove off the enemy. Fisher was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for what U.S. Army called his extraordinary heroism in action. Sergeant Sing Lau Kee Member of the Lost Battalion. Earned a Distinguished Service Cross and theFrench Croix de Guerre for his heroic actions. Born January 25, 1895 Thoughtto bethe first Chinese American inAmerica to be decorated for bravery. Henry Johnson A United States Army soldier who was awarded theDistinguished Service Cross, Purple Heart, and theFrench Croix de Guerre. He was the first American soldier in World War I to receive the Croix de Guerrewith star and Gold Palm from the French government. Private SernaA Hispanic-American soldier received the Medal of Honor for his services in the war, while a Private Serna single-handedly captured 24 German soldiers in France. For hiscourageous efforts, Private Serna received the Distinguished Service Cross, the French Croix de Guerre, the Victory medal with three bars, and two Purple Hearts. Needham Roberts Fought alongside Henry Johnson, who also received thesame awards as Johnson. Johnson and Roberts foughtGerman soldiers with whatever was at hand. Choctaw IndiansCode Talkers of WWI. In 1917, Choctaw Indians were notcitizens of the United States. Native Americans who wereused as a way to send message from one country to another so the Germans will not be able to understand it when they intercept this message. Eugene BallardFirst African American pilot to fly in the World War 1 NIKKI CALIZOMADELEINE PARAGASADELINE SOV
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