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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORDS AND YOUR PRIVACY In February, 2015, Anthem, Inc. a Leader in medical insurance,suffered a huge hack in their systems.The records of 80 million Americans were compromised. 1000 TONS A YEAR 1. TIME BENEFITS 10-13 sheetsper visit = From 2001-2011, Electronic Medical Record system usage has increased from 18%-57%. This increase in technology has been beneficial but has also raised a few red flags regarding the privacy of individuals. Electronic Medical Records Provide: Hacked personal info= SS #'s,addresses, dates of births *sources - 57% 18% Reductions in documentationtime have increased by: 45% 2. SAVES PAPER & MONEY What Can You DoTo Keep Your Information Safe? Change email addressesand password combinations Keep track of credit history report What Can You Do With AccessTo Your Health Records? Check to make sure yourinformation is correct andcomplete Have your medical history available Keep track of medicinesand dosage 2001 2010 Avoid using publiccomputers to access your information Cyber-security is importantfor your online safety For the protectionof yourselfand your family
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