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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1. The influence of media in our democratic process 2. The increase importance of Visuals audience Media Literacy consist of a series of communication competencies, including the ability to ACCESS, ANALYSE and COMMUNICATE information in various formats. 3. The importance of information insociety and a need for life long learning. Technology 5.W.6 UPLOAD EMBED TWEET POV We live in a multimedia world, thus learning to read multiple layers of based communication is necessary. figurative language main character mood Media instill core skills enabling citizens to sort through political packaging;public discourse and informed decisions. MEDIA LITERACY Information processing and services are our nation's productivity,thus media education can help both teachers and students understand where information comes from, whose interest may be being serve and how to find alternative views. 4. The media's influence on society. Media have an influence on shaping our perception, beliefs and attitudes.Media literacy helps us understand literacy can eradicate our dependencies on them. WHY MEDIA LITERACY IS IMPORTANT? Media education can help both teachers and students understands where information comes from; whose interest are beingserved and how to find alternative views. 5. Media consumption and the saturation of society by media.
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