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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Kerri Manorek has the qualities and experience that you are after! PERSONALITY EXPERIENCE LIFESTYLE Collaborate with Clients, Sales,Support and Professional Services to gather needs andrestrictions to create custom training curriculum and delivery plans. Responsible forcreating and delivering inspiring and informative workshops to 10-250 attendees. 604-787-1418 KERRI MANOREK My mom says I'm great! Although I am verycomfortable beingindependent,I lovebeing part of a group. I'm looking for a supportive, friendly environment that will allow me to grow and develop professionally and personally. Ever since my high school days, I have been focused on leadership training. This includes attending Ontario Educational Leadership Centre, Managing Multiple Priorities, Professional Sales Strategy and Negotiations and participating in numerous training events on Group Facilitation Techniques. My Education includes:Geographic Information Systems Applications Specialist, Fleming CollegeBA: Honours Geography with Business Administration, Wilfrid Laurier University My goals include finishing 2 half marathons in 2015, learning to hold an unassisted handstand, hike the West Coast Trail and the Camino de Santiago,do a job that is supportive of myauthentic self. Realizing the value of living in the present, I got rid of all of my belongings and went on a solo backpackingadventure for a year and a half, managing my budget effectively enough to return to Vancouver with enough savings to spend a summer exploring my home. Reading classics and positive, life-affirming books is a great joy of mine. I have a soft spot for a good craft beer. Continually researching newtraining approaches and delivery methods to meet the changing needs of the market. As a GIS Guru, I have beencrunching data, from sales figuresto demographics for years andam extremely good at finding trends through many kinds ofdata analysis. Deliver trainingin classrooms,at client sites, online and by podcast. Responsible for maintaininga training budget forecastand measuring the success of various traininginitatives. Responsible for researchingand staying up to date on workflows and technologyto include in training. Experience setting project timelines and strategies to successfully meet deadlines and budgets. I believe that the energy you put into life in the energy you get back fromit and that brining many view points and gift together to work towards a common goal is the key to success. I am a whiz at juggling and managing a bunchof projects at once! Worked in high endSki and Golf retailand customer servicefor 6 years. As a training coordinator, I managed my team of instructors,interviewing andhiring newinstructors,providing constructivefeedback on performanceand keeping a happy, effective team. Work to develop overall training program strategies as well as industry specific strategies for sales packages and softwarereleases. LEADERSHIP SO, YOU'RE LOOKING FOR AN OPERATIONS LEARNING COORDINATOR
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