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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Creating a Catholic Utopia on Mars Who goes? We suggest that a small community of 150 (initial amount) married Catholic couples (with the exception of priests) will be leaving the planet 150people What skills will these people have? We suggest that the population will consist of 35%scientists, 25% farmers, 25% engineers, 12% civillians,2% doctors and 1% priests 35% scientists 25% engineers 25% farmers 12% civilians 2% doctors 1% priests Will sin take place on Mars? We believe that on Mars, the concept of sinwill stay the same. We hope that people will notengage in sin on Mars and we will choose people thatare not very likely to do so. But sin is in all of us and it is near impossible to say whether it will or will not take place in Mars. Will we build a Church? Yes, we will build a Church, as a Church is fundamental to a Catholic community.The Church will be in the center of all the buildings to symbolise that God is the center of our lives. Will people still be able to go to heaven? Heaven is not a defined place. We as humans still do not know where heaven is. Because of this, we believe that pilgrims will be able to go to heaven wherever they areas long as they are good. How will conflict be resolved? Hopefully, there will be no conflict in ourcommunity. But if there is, there is a way ofsolving it. Anyone causing severe problemswill be put in the "punishment room" forspecified periods of time depending on what hashappened. Did God create Mars for colonisation? This, we will never be certain of. If we coloniseit, God probably did mean for us to colonise it. Butunfortunately, this is something that we do not know. What is God's creation? Genesis 1 speaks about how God createdall things in 7 days. This includes planetssuch as Earth and Mars. What is stewardship? Stewardship is taking care of God's creation. It is the grateful andresponsible use of what God hascreated and given to us. There will be no policemen Stewardship What is the Nicene Creed? The Nicene Creed is a prayer aboutstewardship and creation. It teaches us about what stewardshipand creation are. It is a vital prayer for our expedition to Mars,
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