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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 María for Secretary! WHO: María de la Garza was inducted in 7th grade and was treasurer of NJHS. Very organized, trustworthy, open-minded, and helpful 10th grader She loves to take notes and have a clear plan for each day. WHAT: Here are a few of my proposals for NHS 2015-2016 1. Add a detailed description of what occurred in each meeting inside the attendance section of the google document, so everyone is aware and can refer back to what we discussed in the meeting. 2. Add pictures to the participation sheet in the google document for each event to make it easier to identify any errors with the participation points. This would also be done with the purpose of having pictures to look back at the end of the year. 3. Truly supervise the creation of whatsapp/Facebook groups for the small groups, like Sister school Curriculum, Think Tank etc. (Some groups didn't do this this year.) 4. Send an invitation via gmail for each meeting and event to remind you on the exact date. 5. Do recognitions to both teachers, students and other staff at school 6. Schedule personal meetings with busy members that fail to gain the required participation points. This would be done either every time aprogress report comes out or every half of a semester. 7. Do an NHS folder that will have folders of all the months of the year. Inside them, you will find the monthly calendar as well as sign up sheets for the events, so you can start thinking about your participation points! Common Questions How are you going to update the participation points more efficiently? What can improve the groups communication? "Why should we vote for you, rather than the other candidate? What make you the best choice?" Overall I like the way participation points have been handled this school year. What I would change, is that I would like to check progress every time progress report cards go out or every half of a semester. By doing this, I will confront the people with the least amount of participation points and I will plan a meeting to organize a schedule with them on how they can easily obtain participation points with the use of the calendar provided by the President and Vice President's propsal. Also, I plan to upload participation points as soon as theevent is over. Although this doesn't sound very promising, believe me when I say this. Every time I set a deadlinefor myself I accomplish it. (I've never had an NHI in school. I prefer to sleep late and get things done rather thansleeping and not fulfilling one of my plans.) I strongly believe that the reason behind lack of communication in NHS is primarily due to an absence of meetings.I think this, because in the meetings is where we get informed on everything that is going on. So, as stated inproposal #1, what I plan to do is create a detailed description about what we did in each meeting so you have something to refer back to and get informed on what we're doing. Then, if you are still confused or want to ask a question then simply send me an email or come find me! Having said this, I am aware each time less people check FB, and I have been considering creating a whatsapp group instead, or at least one per group.(Think Tank, Sister School Visits, Sister School Curriculum, Drives etc.) You should vote for me because I have experience as an executive, I have done my reasurch about what my task is, organization is my best quality, and I will put in my best effort! Furthermore, I will help you become an active member of the National Honor Society. MARIA FOR SECRETARY
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