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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Why do you need it ? Initial 1 * Imported * Expensive * No audio CD Mobile Application * Limitation * Syllabus * Not dedicated * To design the mobile application* To develop the mobile application* To test the functionality What are the plans ? * UiTM students taking French Language course* Focuses on UiTM syllabus* Use English as medium of understanding What can be gain ? Who will use it ? * Able to help UiTM students taking French Language course* Contribute towards better learning tools and environment for UiTM students taking French Language course. double click to change this title text! MANUEL FRANÇAIS Planning Development Testing Documentation AgileMethod Mobile Assisted Language Learning for French Language Course in UiTM Design NURUL FARHANA BINTI SURIA | 2012955089 | CS230ZAINURA BINTI IDRUS (Supervisor) MALL Analysis What is it about ? * Mobile Assisted Language Learning* The measure of the way learners used their mobile devices in order to upkeep and outspread their studies* It focuses on the steadiness and freedom of access and collaboration through several distinguish procedural framework This days, it is very crucial to tag along with mobiledevices in order to keep track and updated with theinformation circulating among us. The focus of thisproject is on French courseware thatwill be able to help UiTM studentsto learn better French language.It is undeniable that there are lots ofFrench Language application availableon Play Store for android andApps Store for Apple user,but it is not specificallymade to help UiTM students. In the nutshell, the objectives of this mobile applicationare achieved through several procedures which areto design and to develop mobile application for studentstaking French Language course in UiTM also to test thefunctionality of the mobile application. Besides, there are strengths and limitations to this mobile application that is surely can be improved in future works. Conclusion
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